Skysec drone


  • Method: Selective laser sintering
  • Material: PA2200
  • Finishing: none
  • No. of units: 2

Take off with 3D printing

Skysec is an ambitious company dedicated to developing drone and aviation systems. In their line of work, they are always testing new approaches and manufacturing techniques. Some of these systems involve complex and extensive tests. The company sometimes also develops experimental drones. One such drone is a motor glider with a wingspan of 2 metres. It is designed to be airborne for over 3 hours, a feat which is only possible with the help of an ultra-light and highly efficient plane.

The wings and the fuselage were printed entirely using PA12. The component’s wall thickness is only 0.5 mm. The wings and the fuselage are ribbed on the inside to guarantee the necessary stability. The empty aircraft weighs 3 kg including the battery. Due to the aircraft’s modular construction, each segment can be replaced individually should the aircraft be damaged during a test flight.
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