MonoKok watch


  • Method: Selective laser sintering
  • Material: PA2200
  • Finishing: Dip-dye and polyshot
  • No. of units: <1000

Precision engineering meets 3D printing

The watch from MonoKok is completely customisable. Its interchangeable housing and various strap options ensure the watch can be reconfigured to suit any occasion. The housing, which encloses the clock mechanism, is manufactured by Gribi 3D Druck. New designs can be created and even the smallest series can be printed thanks to 3D-printing methods.

MonoKok’s project thrives on individualisation and versatility. These strengths also happen to be amongst the benefits of 3D printing, which is why MonoKok only ever considered this method. High-resolution printing systems and sophisticated finishing techniques make for a product which meets the fashion industry’s high demands. More on MonoKok: