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Priority shipping is CHF 15.00
Express shipping is CHF 25.00
The delivery times depend on the number and finishing of the components. Small orders are generally delivered to customers within 3–4 days.
The best thing is to let us know when you need the components by. In general: the earlier you order, the easier it is for us to guarantee your desired delivery date.
Yes. Provided the order is submitted before 3pm and we are not at maximum capacity, it is possible to have the components delivered to you within 48 hours (subject to an express surcharge) or they can be collected after 24 hours.
The price of a component depends on various factors:
– 3D printing method and chosen material
– Actual volume of material needed
– Expected production time
– Finishing

We have a great network of developers and constructors, and can always help you find the right partner. For more information, please get in touch.
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If you’re uncertain, we recommend asking us for a quote for your component. This is usually the fastest and easiest way to decide whether printing your component makes sense.
Our minimum order value for the material PA2200 is CHF 25.00
Other materials will be quoted on request.

STL, STEP or IGES are easiest for us to work with.
Our methods generally do not rely on supports. This means that we don’t have to remove any support structures later. This has the benefit that your component can be constructed from any angle, giving you even more creative freedom.
No, sadly we do not provide this service. In order to produce your component, we must have a 3D model. However, we’re happy to put you in touch with one of our partner companies, who would be able to help you generate a 3D model.