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We founded GRIBI 3D Druck in 2015 as the sister company of GRIBI Messtechnik AG. Our work involves market-leading, state-of-the-art industrial 3D-printing technology. We’re constantly expanding our expertise through in-house research and regular training and are always focussed on offering our customer the highest quality products and services. What’s more, to ensure that all components are fully customisable, we continuously improve and expand our finishing services for 3D-printed components.

Family-run firm since 1952

Our company is steeped in tradition. When we were founded by Werner Gribi in 1952, we were specialised in precision engineering with the most well-known companies in the region on our client list. The company culture changed considerably when the firm was taken over by Rudolf Gribi in 1990. We gave our machinery a revamp with new CNC milling centres. The company also acquired its own measuring machine to check the components. What was initially only intended to provide peace of mind in-house quickly became an external service. Growing demand and the considerable potential of measurement technology finally led to a shift in focus towards instrumentation, which led to the engineering side of the business being wound down in 2006. With the third generation of management in 2015, we invested in additive manufacturing with Exaparts. Since then, Exaparts has been steadily growing under the leadership of Laurent Gribi while its name change to Gribi 3D Druck in 2021 brought the company closer in line with the instrumentation operations.

GRIBI Messtechnik

Have you heard of our sister company? Gribi Messtechnik is one of the leading 3D measurement laboratories in Switzerland. With its STS/SCS accreditations, impressive machinery and highly trained employees, GRIBI Messtechnik holds its own against national institutes.


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