VR with TrueVR


  • Method: HP MJF
  • Material: PA12
  • Finishing: Dip dyeing
  • No. of units: <1000

VR meets 3D printing

Swiss company TrueVR is specialised in highly realistic virtual reality experiences, which go far beyond anything which can be enjoyed at home in front of a games console. As TrueVR’s technology is not limited by cables, players can move freely around the playing field and experience all manner of adventures together. Yet, the technology isn’t always fun and games, as it’s even used by the police to train for various scenarios. Entire houses can be virtually generated across the 250 m2 site allowing the force to train for combat with targets.

Gribi 3D Druck printed various parts of the players’ equipment. From the VR glasses face plate with all head position sensors, trackers for hands and feet or a ‘stick’ which becomes a torch in the virtual world. 3D printing is ideal for producing these complex components in low numbers. And this technology in particular, where sensors, trackers and other systems are quickly becoming increasingly sophisticated, calls for manufacturing technologies which can keep up with this rapid change. 3D printing makes this possible.
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