HSR Enhanced


  • Method: Selective laser sintering and HP MJF
  • Material: PA12 and PA3200GF
  • Finishing: Dip-dye, threaded inserts etc.
  • No. of units: <10

Cybathlon winner 2016 and 2020

HSR Enhanced is a motorised wheelchair, created by the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences with the goal of winning the Cybathlon title. The Cybathlon is a unique competition where participants with disabilities complete everyday tasks with the help of state-of-the-art technical assistance systems. Wheelchairs are constantly being enhanced and modified, which calls for fast and flexible manufacturing technologies providing the necessary material properties. This is why 3D printing was the obvious choice for many components.

We produced various components for the wheelchair. The neon yellow rims, the blue footrest, the grey motor coverings and the robot arm end piece are particularly memorable. Printed components were also installed within the wheelchair, such as the quick-change battery system and the docking station for charging, the caterpillar drive guides, the drive gears’ mounting and many more. We are proud to have been a part of this success.
More information on HSR Enhanced: hsr-enhanced.ch